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Article Id 261246
Description This article describes how to export the certificates from EMS Cloud and how to import those certificates to Ubuntu Desktop 20.04. After accomplishing this, the first-time telemetry connection will be accomplished without any certificate warnings.
Scope EMS Cloud, FortiClient, Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 Endpoint.
  1. Log in to the EMS cloud and view certificate information on it from the web browser used (procedure accomplished with a Firefox browser in this example).
  2. On the certificate information page, download the both certificate and the chain one.
  3. After downloading those certificates, change the extension of the files to '.crt' from '.pem'.
  4. Upload those certificates to the '/usr/share/ca-certificates/' on the Ubuntu endpoint.
  5.  After uploading those certificates to the folder specified above, run the following command on sudo mode : sudo dpkg-reconfigure ca-certificates
  6. The opened screen will ask the the:'Trust new certificates from certificate authorities? ' Select Yes.
  7. Select the newly imported certificates to be activated on the screen and select 'Ok'.
  8. Reboot the endpoint.