FortiAuthenticator provides access management and single sign on.
Description This article explains on how to download Smart Connect for macOS onboarding.

Brief introduction of this feature is to provides the ability to set up network settings (such as WiFi configuration) on an endpoint by downloading a script or an executable (depending on the endpoint's OS) from the FortiAuthenticator portal.


MacOS would have issue when trying to download smart connect after client connect to onboarding WIFI and it show 'You Are Not Connected to the internet' in Safari browser, that cause the download failed.

Reason being Apple CNA (Captive Network Assistant) restrict all other application from accessing to network except Apple CNA prompt which able to access to network resources.


Follow below steps on how to overcome this issue:


1) Connect to the local onboarding WIFI SSID.


2) It then redirects to FortiAuthenticator portal to sign-in, login with correct credential.


3) FortiAuthenticatorguest portal page will display, select option to download smart connect and it will prompt to open Safari browser. Selecto 'Allow' button and Safari browser will launch as background.


4) Then close Apple CNA prompt and notice Safari browser display 'You Are Not Connected to the internet', Select 'REFRESH' button on browser and it will bring to smart connect download page, press 'Download' button to download it.


Refer to below link to animated GIF for details of the steps give above. 


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