FortiAuthenticator provides access management and single sign on.
Article Id 249040
Description This article describes the process of enabling syslog service on FortiAuthenticator.
Scope FortiAuthenticator.

To configure syslog server, go to Logging -> Log Config -> Syslog Servers. FortiAuthenticator is allowed up to 20 syslog servers to be configured.

Select 'Create New' to configure syslog server info (e.g. syslog server name/ip, port number, severity level, facility).




If it is wanted to enable a secure connection, go to Certificate Management -> Certificate Authorities -> Local CAs to Import or Create CA certificate.

Or go to Certificate Management -> Certificate Authorities -> Trusted CAs to import the certificate.




After that, it is possible to select the certificate for a secure connection.



Then go to Logging -> Log Config -> Log Settings. Under Remote Syslog -> Remote syslog servers: select the previously configured syslog server.




If it is wanted to send the FortiAuthenticator system event log to syslog server, enable the 'Send system logs to remote Syslog servers' option.


It is also possible to send FortiAuthenticator to debug logs to syslog server with the option 'Send debug logs to remote Syslog servers'.