FortiAnalyzer can receive logs and Windows host events directly from endpoints connected to EMS, and you can use FortiAnalyzer to analyze the logs and run reports.
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Description This article describes how to configure secure log-forwarding to a syslog server using an SSL certificate and its common problems.
Scope Secure log forwarding.

Configuration Details.


Create a Log Forwarding server under System Settings -> Log Forwarding with the following options enabled:


set fwd-reliable <----- This can be enabled in GUI or CLI.

set fwd-secure  <----- This can only be enabled in CLI].




- On Fortianalyzer, upload the signing CA certificate for the SSL certificate used by Syslog server.


- The log forward daemon on FortiAnalyzer uses the same certificate as oftp daemon and that can be configured under ‘# config sys certificate oftp' CLI.

By default, it uses Fortinet’s self-signed certificate.


- In the latest 7.0.x/7.2.x there is a new ‘peer-cert-cn’ verification added. It can be enabled optionally and verification will be done as per filled CN. If empty, verification will be ignored.


Common Problems:

- Server certificate used in OFTP not trusted by Remote server.


1) If the remote server can trust Fortinet’s self-signed CA certificates, then upload 'Fortinet_CA' and 'Fortinet_SUBCA' to it.

2) If not, obtain new certificate for FortiAnalyzer, which should be signed by a publicly trusted CA (like Digicert), and use that as an OFTP certificate. (This option would also need to upload CA certificate on all FortiGates sending logs).


- Log format not supported by Syslog server:

FortiAnalyzer follows RFC 5424 protocol. But, the syslog server may show errors like 'Invalid frame header; header=''.

This usually means the Syslog server does not support the format in which FortiAnalyzer is forwarding logs.


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