FortiAP devices are thin wireless access points (AP) supporting the latest Wi-Fi technologies (multi-user MIMO 802.11ac Wave 1 and Wave 2, 4x4), as well as 802.11n, 802.11AX , and the demand for plug and play deployment.
This article describes how to configure Management VLAN for FortiAP-C24J.

For FortiAP-C24J.

Note: The VLAN from which FortiAP should receive IP address should be configured in tagged VLAN list on the up link switch where FortiAP is connected

Assign FAP Management VLAN/AC via GUI
- Login to the wall plate FortiAP
- Set the Management VLAN ID i.e. 5 select (Make sure Security Fabric Connection/CAPWAP is enabled on this VLAN).
- (Optional) Set the WTP Configuration or Access Controller IP, FortiGate IP address on this VLAN.

Assign FortiAP Management VLAN from CLI.
- Login to the wall plate FortiAP via console port (baud rate is 115200) or via SSH.
- Set the AP Management VLAN ID i.e.
FC24JE4N17-----4  # cfg -a AP_MGMT_VLAN_ID=5
- Set the FortiGate FortiAC IP address.
FC24JE4N17-----4  # cfg -a AC_IPADDR_1=
FC24JE4N17-----4  # cfg -c
- Verify the settings.
FC24JE4N17-----4  # cfg -s