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Article Id 261472
Description This article describes how FortiADC HA A-P mode failover is being triggered.
Scope FortiADC v7.2.1 and earlier.

The HA master election process only gets triggered after any of the following:

  1. Monitor port up/down.
  2. Remote IP failure.
  3. Reboot/reload.


Note 1:

Override and node priority are only considered at the beginning of the primary election and changing it would not trigger failover, but it will be considered the next election.


Note 2:

Priority is optional. The smaller the number, the higher the priority. The default is 5. The valid range is 0 to 9.


Note 3:

By default, unless enabling Override, uptime is more important than this setting. Override-Enable making Device Priority a more important factor than uptime when selecting the primary node.