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Article Id 282463
Description This article describes how to set up the Address group for the Destination field on the Global DNS Policy if listening from an External interface.
Scope FortiADC, FortiADC-VM.

To configure the Destination address group in the Global DNS policy go to Global Load Balance -> Zone Tools -> Address group and select 'Create New'.




  •  Give a name to the Address group (do not use Spaces).
  • Select first in order to add the member.
  • After Saving, select 'Create new' and  Fill in the IP address.



This IP address has to be configured on the Interface level (it can be Primary IP or Secondary IP too). If it is not configured on the interface level, the DNS query will timeout.


  • Leave the Action as Include (by default) to have the IP Include addresses matching the specified address block.
  • After adding the IP address, select 'Save'.




If the Interface IP is used for some other purpose, use the Secondary IP under the Interface config.




Below is the Test result  for the nslookup:


dns resolve.JPG


Nslookup test without using Interface IP (using IP from interface IP subnet):


wihout sec IP.JPG


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