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I know (I think) that SD WAN (available in FortiOS 5.6) is basically the WAN LLB (currently in 5.4) feature we currently have, working in conjunction with ADVPN and App ctrl polices, etc. However I am scheduled to meet with a customer early next week and could really use some help understanding the design and implementation.

His main concern is uptime for voice traffic. As they are a ‘remote call center’ for major corporations. He is very knowledgeable about his network and needs.  


One question that came up today was in regards to voice traffic:

Is it ‘Session based routing’ or ‘Packet based De-Duplication routing’?  

They have already cut the vendor list from 8 down to 3. And, like usual we are coming in at the end playing catch-up, just trying to make the short list.


Any support would be great!




MPLS network and Data center layout is in need of consolidation, leveraging modern WAN technologies.

MPLS per MB cost is increasingly lopsided compared to global internet.  Even minor service interruptions can remove waves of agents from taking calls.



Outsourced global contact Center. 110,000 agents in 140 sites.  MPLS currently with AT&T and Sprint.   8 Data Centers, with consolidation moving down to 3 in APAC, EUROPE, and US.



  • Failover between circuits based on Sub second, low ms speed
  • Lower complexity, lower cost
  • Faster deployment


Must haves/interest topics for call:

  • Roles of Devices—can it serve as router? No/yes?
  • Single Pane of Glass
  • North & Southbound API
  • Application Aware Routing
  • Encapsulation to carry QoS tracking
  • HA Standard w/ automatic Failover
  • Virtual Devices
  • 4-8 Circuits Per site (140 Sites)
  • Multiple Hubs
  • AE256
  • Low Complexity

                Hybrid-capable (mix SD w/ Non-SD Sites)


Sample of the PLANNED network attached.




Pete Lujan                                              

Secure Solutions Engineer

New Contributor

Did you get any more info regarding the implementation on SD-WAN that FortiNets has and what it can do?


Hello Rickard,

Yes, we did discuss in detail with Pete and explained that majority of these requirements are already available with our latest FOS 5.6. In-fact we also recently released a press-release which explain these core capabilities in detail. 

Do let us know if you have any specific questions. 




Recently, Fortinet delivered the "How to Reduced Costs & Complexity in Distributed Enterprise Environments with SD-WAN". The webinar can be accessed from our On Demand Webinar section of our website [Link].