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FortiManager - Fortigate upgrade


I have configured a Fortimanager and we have bought licenses for it (100UG) and then I have added just one fortigate to test it before I do it on a production environment. I get a message when I try to upgrade it which tells me that this: "Current device don't have firmware upgrade license.". Does this mean that every fortigate that will be upgraded via fortimanager has to have a license for Firmware Upgrade via forticloud in order to be upgraded via fortimanager and fortimanager just trigger the upgrade process which then fortigate does its own upgrade on its own?

BR Fisnik

Does your FortiManager have internet access? This error generally indicates your FMG cannot reach FortiGuard servers. Kindly post the output of 'diagnose fmupdate view-serverlist fds' here.


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