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Examples of companies using ISFW?

Hello, would like to know which companies use ISFW today. thank you

New Contributor

I cant give you company names but can tell you from experience that many banks use these between segments within their own networks to create security zones inside the network.I also see some retailers using them this way as well.


Hi Patrick,

 Can you share your  to me your  experience for retailers and banking that using our ISFW. 


Halim Sutrisna



If looking for a specific/named customer reference, that should be directed to and I believe there is a Fuse forum underway for that purpose.

On the topic of general design, what we have seen in US Enterprise is primarily data center segmentation. For at least one very large technology company, they have development labs around the world and the legacy logic was simply to connect them. As they have become aware of intellectual property present in each of these locations, the need to put in security and segment these labs for only select access, granular control and logging has moved to a top priority.


John Jacobs

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