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Safetica DLP integrates with Fortinet

Hi guys,

I believe Safetica is their closest DLP integration covering all endpoints. 

Integration of Safetica data loss prevention solution (DLP) and Fortinet security technologies provides companies with a powerful tool for the security of their data no matter where it is or where it goes.

IT security can no longer rely on point products. Integrating multiple solutions in a SIEM reduces the burden on administrators and enables accessing, monitoring and maintaining of each solution from a unified console.

Safetica’s endpoint DLP solution integrates with Fortinet’s FortiGate, FortiMail Secure Email Gateway and FortiSIEM. Because email is both fundamental to modern daily business communication and a leading source of data leakage, it is in the top of IT administrators‘ security concerns.
Safetica & FortiGate
•Integrated Data Loss Prevention suite 
• Layered data protection approach
• Complex internal threat management Safetica & FortiMail
• Enhanced protection of data sent by email
• Reduced risk related to employees´ use of email
• User education on secure email usage Safetica & FortiSIEM
• Easy and convenient to work with data security incidents
• Comprehensive audit trail for incident management

With the interconnection of Safetica DLP and FortiGate, customers gain a complex data protection platform, combining both network and endpoint without the need of additional hardware or other hidden costs. Safetica extends the data protection features of FortiGate, bringing clarity to what is happening with data on the endpoints. This information helps to identify data leak vectors and risks, as well as identifying the main data sources. After identifying the areas to focus on, it is easy and straightforward to configure the data loss prevention (DLP) policies. Safetica automatically classifies data on endpoints into a customizable set of categories. When integrated with FortiGate, any unwanted activity with classified data can be recognized and stopped wherever it occurs – when it is inactive, in use on the endpoints or in transit on the network.

The integrated solution protects company data from loss or misuse.

Safetica is an enterprise-level data loss prevention (DLP) solution that is affordable for small and midsized companies.
• prevents data breaches;
• makes it easy to comply with data protection regulations;
• teaches employees how to handle sensitive data.

Safetica is easy-to-use and quick to deploy, with no extra dedicated staff or hardware needed and sensitive data is protected in a matter of hours.

Tim Addison

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