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New Contributor

Cannot uninstall forticlient

Cannot uninstall forticlient V, also cannot update. not registered to fortigate at the moment. If I register to the fortigate it attempts an update but hits the same snag as when I try to update manually. Gets 90 % through the update process, stops, says rolling back, and exits the updater. I cannot do anything further until reboot. Anyone that can walk me through manual removal?


Hi Robert,

Are you using FortiClient on Windows or Mac OS X?



Thanks for your reply. The machine was windows 10. I contacted support and they provided me an additional uninstaller .EXE that did not come with the client that fixed the issue. I appreciate your assistance Sir!


Hi again Robert,

I'm glad you got it sorted out. Don't hesitate to start a new thread or discussion in the future if you run into any issues or have a question or idea.




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