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This article describes how to upload/download large files to a ticket using SFTP via WinSCP.

Scope FortiOS.
  1. TAC enables the SFTP upload and download function on the ticket first: Ticket Information” -> Workaround, click the button ”Enable SFTP Upload and Download.


1 Enable SFTP Upload & Download button 2.PNG


  1. The customer logs on to the ticket and can see the upload and download button:


2 SFTP Buttons 2.png


  1. When 'Show Upload Access Info' is selected, the SFTP upload folder access detailed information will be shown.


The password is dynamically generated for security purposes.


3 SFTP Upload credentials.PNG


  1. Using WinSCP client to quick connection: Copy and paste the information to the correct frame, then log in:


4. WinSCP client to quick connection.PNG



It is also possible to set up the advanced parameters before transferring.


4. WinSCP advanced setting.PNG


  1. TAC can download the big files via WinSCP: TAC logs on the ticket and select 'Show/Hide SFTP Access Info'.


5. TAC Download the files via WinSCP.png

6. TAC download information.PNG



The username and password can be typed in the TAC LDAP credentials.


7. TAC download with own Fortinet AD account.PNG


8. continue.PNG


  1. Find the correct upload folder, then select the files as expected, press the 'F5' button, can download the files.


9. Download the files.png


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