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This article describes how to generate different types of reports from the Asset Management Portal (

Scope FortiCloud.

Login to with the account ID/email and password:




Once logged in to the FortiCloud Asset Management Portal, there are multiple views under Products:




Once a subcategory like Product List or My Assets is selected, an Icon to export reports will populate. It is possible to export Excel or CSV format files:




Any subcategory can be selected. About to Expire, Expired, Hardware Lifecycle, Contract etc, and can be exported to a CSV or Excel file.


View Options:

There are two View Options, Group by Category and Show Entitlement:

  • In Group by Category, the products are grouped as per the device type.
  • In Show Entitlement, the entitlement or contract details are included for each product registered.




Group by Category:





The products are grouped by their type and the data in this view can be exported to a CSV or Excel file.


Show Entitlement:

In this view, Support type and Support level columns are added and they show the level of support and contract details:





Group by Entitlement and Show Category are not available with subcategories like Hardware/Software life cycle, Hardware Warranty, Contract, Product Location, and Decommissioned Units. However, normal Excel and CSV reports can be exported from these sub-categories.


Customized Column’s:

Customized Columns can be enabled and applied by selecting a small icon (III), found below the Register More button.  It will be possible to select different Columns and then select 'Apply':




The columns selected will be added to the report that can be exported after applying the changes.

In the blue menu under More Views, there are multiple ways to format a report. Each report, i.e., Contract, License, and TradeUps can be customized to present multiple views.

In this way, different combinations can be applied to pull a report.