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This feature is was deployed in January 2019.

The 'Email Interaction' feature allows the choice of whether ticket updates can be handled via email.  This avoids the need to log into the Support Portal to read the latest ticket comments which have been added by the Fortinet engineer, or to provide updates to the engineer.

When this feature is enabled the effects are that:
(1) When a Fortinet engineer adds notes to a ticket, the entire content of the latest update will be sent via email to all of the contacts named on that ticket.  The 3 most recent ticket comments will also be included in this mail.  File attachments that are added to the ticket will also appear in this mail.

(2) Upon receipt by email of a ticket update, you may choose to simply reply to the email and the reply will be added to the ticket notes.  This reply may include file attachments.  The ticket will then be placed into a "Received Customer Feedback" status.

Email is not a secure, guaranteed delivery method.  If the ticket update or file attachment contains private or sensitive information then the recommended approach is to update the ticket via the Support Portal rather than by using email.

How do I reply to an email to update my ticket?

The format of the email received when a Fortinet engineer updates a ticket is shown below:


Subject: Re: Ticket No. xxxxxxx Ticket Title: FortiGate configuration

*** The following update has been added to your ticket ***

Please provide more information of the problem you have reported


You may provide an update and add attachments to this ticket by replying to this email. Do not modify the content of this received email as it will not be added to the ticket.

Alternatively, to provide an update to this ticket, add attachments or verify the status, please click here.

If you have any urgent questions or require further assistance, please contact your regional Customer Services and Support team who will be happy to assist you. For Support Center contact information please visit

If you wish to provide feedback on your support experience, please visit

Best Regards,
Fortinet Customer Services and Support

*** The most recent updates to this tickets are given below ***

Simply reply to this email.  It is recommended to not alter the content of the subject line.  Do not alter the text in the body of the received email (the section which contains the update from the Fortinet engineer) as this section will not be added to the ticket.

How quickly will the reply be added to the ticket?

The reply will normally be added to the ticket within 15 minutes.  It will then be visible through the Support Portal.

How can the 'Email Interaction' feature be enabled / disabled?

This feature is enabled at the level of the entire support account and applies to the main account and all additional users.  Only the support account owner can enable or disable this feature.

Log in to the Support Portal and go to Account Profile.

Select 'Edit' and then set the "Allow ticket processing by email" option to either Y (Enabled) or N (Disabled).

A value of 'Undefined' may be displayed for some accounts.  This means that the account owner has not expressed a preference and in this case the feature will be disabled.

If the feature is Enabled/Disabled when will the change take effect?

The change will take effect immediately.

For example, if there is an open ticket and the feature is enabled, then the very next outbound comment sent by Fortinet could be replied to via email.

How can I find the owner of the support account that I use?

Contact Fortinet Customer Services by creating a ticket, using the Chat service, or calling on one of the telephone numbers given here.

They will be able to give you the name of the owner of your support account.

Which email accounts are used by Fortinet to send email relating to tickets?

Ticket updates for technical assistance tickets will be sent from the email address.

For other types of support requests the reply may come from one of,,,,

If a reply to an update cannot be processed then a rejection will be sent from, replies should not be sent to this address as the mailbox is unattended.

Who can send updates to tickets by email?

The automatic processing of incoming replies will check that the originator email is either the main account ID of the customer which opened the ticket, or an additional user defined on the account.

If a person has the access permission to view and edit a ticket of a given request type for a specified product then they will be able to send updates via email as well.

What if the main account ID or additional user is an email alias?

Email interaction will work when an email alias is used as the main account ID, or where the email alias has been used for an additional user.  However, the following example shows that care must be taken in this case.

If a ticket is opened on the Support Portal for an account where the main account ID is and the ticket contact is set to, ticket updates will be sent from Fortinet to  If a reply is then sent from it will be rejected back to the user with an "Unauthorized Sender" error unless is also declared as an additional user of the account.

What errors will be returned if the reply cannot be processed?

Unauthorized sender : The email used to send the reply is neither the main account ID that was used to raise the ticket, nor is it defined as a sub user of that account.

Ticket is closed : The reply was received after the ticket had been closed

Ticket number cannot be detected from email : The reply does not contain the correct header identifiers and subject line that are required to determine the ticket number.  One reason for this may be that the text "Ticket No. xxxxxxx " has been removed from the subject line.  This error message will also be received if an email is sent directly to or one of the email addresses listed above (That is: not sent as a reply to an outbound message from Fortinet).

Are there limits to the size of attachments sent by email?

The maximum size is currently 20MB for any attachment on a mail that is sent to

The maximum size for an attachment sent from the Fortinet engineer is currently 5MB.  If the attachment exceeds this size then the message "Attention: Files were attached to this update that we are unable to send through email. Please visit the support portal to access these files directly." will appear on the update received from the engineer.

Can replies be sent in HTML format and contain embedded images?

It is recommended to reply using a simple text format.  Using HTML format is supported but there may be some loss of formatting.