Many organizations have recently seen a shift to more remote and home working in response to world events. An expansion of the off-net workforce brings additional organizational security challenges. How can organizations easily maintain visibility when the user is working remotely? Traditional monitoring solutions may rely on network device logs, which aren't relevant to a remote worker, or on complex and difficult to deploy log forwarding architectures which just aren't designed for the new way of working.

Enter Fortinet UEBA solutions. Our UEBA solutions provide flexibility, visibility and ease of use. They use advanced machine learning to identify anomalous behavior, and a lightweight agent to easily gather accurate and reliable logs, both on-net and off-net. Logs are uploaded to the system via an encrypted TLS connection - If your user is connected, at home or in the office, your Fortinet UEBA solution has visibility.

Fortinet offers two UEBA solutions; FortiInsight and FortiSIEM. FortiInsight is our pure UEBA solution. Available as a scalable cloud service, or an on-prem virtual appliance, FortiInsight provides an easy to use, graphical anomaly detection and threat hunting platform that can be quickly and easily deployed to provide user visibility both on and off-net

FortiSIEM 6.1 with integrated UEBA is our combined advanced SIEM and an agent based UEBA system. A single platform, with a single interface and a scalable and flexible architecture, FortiSIEM 6.1 with UEBA uses the same proven anomaly detection technology as FortiInsight. It's easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage. It's your new go-to platform for monitoring, alerting and analytics, from user, through network to cloud.

Choose Fortinet UEBA and SIEM solutions for visibility, monitoring and alerting in your environment
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