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Together, Fortinet and Rubrik protect businesses from ransomware infection and spread, and in the event of an infection, simplify their ability to recover from ransomware attacks. All, while integrating the advantages of hybrid multi-clouds quickly and effectively.  

Challenges/Business Drivers

Data is at the heart of most organizations today. Protecting data and preventing potential security breaches – detecting incidents that would otherwise remain undetected and streamlining compliance reporting – remains critical for every organization. Organizations want integrated, simple, easier to manage and more cost-effective solutions for instant recovery and immutability from ransomware, to enable users to recover quickly and integrate the advantages of public and private clouds into IT architectures.  

Joint Solution 

To solve the challenge, Fortinet and Rubrik have come together with a joint solution between FortiSIEM with Rubrik Cloud Data Management. The Fortinet-Rubrik integration provides unified event correlation and risk management for cloud data management solutions, delivering unparalleled security, performance and compliance management.

Rubrik is a software-defined data management platform for physical, virtual, and hybrid environments, that simplifies and unifies backup, data protection, and instant recovery onsite, in the cloud, and at the data center. It is unique in that it provides snapshot-centric backup and recovery solutions. 

By combining the benefits of short-term snapshots and creating full backups of those snapshots, customers benefit from fast and reliable recovery down to a granularity of single file restore. Should a file or virtual machine need to be recovered, Rubrik can list the recovery points and times available and quickly restore to that point in time, greatly reducing the impact to the organization. 

It complements Fortinet’s Security Fabric Ransomware Protection and fortifies it with a FortiSIEM integration. Fortinet’s Security Fabric spans the extended digital attack surface and cycle, enabling self-healing security and networking to protect devices, data, and applications. It brings together the concepts of convergence and consolidation to provide comprehensive real-time cybersecurity protection from users to applications.

By leveraging machine learning, Rubrik detects when data has been changed by ransomware through the introspection of backups. Uninfected copies of that data can then be identified and used to surgically restore data following a ransomware attack. Rubrik sends anomalous events and logging information to FortiSIEM which then provides insights on metadata aggregated between snapshots throughout operating periods. Correlation, analytics and automation capabilities of FortiSIEM, an integral member of the Fortinet Security Fabric, ensure quick detection and neutralization of threats.

Solution Benefits

  1. The integration of Fortinet FortiSIEM with Rubrik enables customers to benefit from the simplicity and cost savings from Rubrik’s data management solution, while providing system-level information into FortiSIEM for logging, analysis and compliance reporting. 
  2. The integration provides customers with distributed real-time event correlation, user and entity behavior analysis, out-of-the-box compliance reporting, and cross correlation of SOC and NOC analytics to provide fast mitigation and recovery from issues. 


FortiSIEM brings together visibility, correlation, automated response, and remediation in a single, scalable solution. Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management platform consolidates legacy backup and recovery infrastructure into a single software layer that scales linearly. Together, Fortinet and Rubrik reduce the complexity of managing network and security operations to effectively free resources, improve breach detection, prevent breaches and restore files in the event of a breach. This results in holistic protection and reduced daily management time from hours to minutes, freeing up resources for key value-adding activities. 

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About Rubrik Cloud Data Management 

Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management platform consolidates legacy backup and recovery infrastructure into a single software layer that scales linearly. Users can simplify and automate cloud migration through an SLA policy engine that can be configured with only a few clicks. By reducing daily management time from hours to minutes, Rubrik frees resources for key value-adding activities. By indexing file metadata during each backup, Rubrik also enables anomaly and ransomware detection through Radar: the latest application on the Polaris SaaS platform. Radar detects anomalous changes in file metadata and provides an added dimension of data intelligence, minimizing the impact of ransomware and enabling users to recover faster.  

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You can also learn more about our joint solution from Fortinet and Rubrik Security Solution to leverage the integration to uncover new insights and expose the value hidden in your data for business continuity, DR, compliance, and security.