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I noticed that when I enable "Security Fabric" on my fortigate, the ability to set a syslog server via the GUI goes away. However, I can still set the syslog for cli. I'm assuming that when I enable the fabric that all logs are now sent to the FAZ. I...
I have a customer that would like a web usage report in a format like such; Top source (user) Most requested site (or bandwidth used) 2 most requested site (or bandwidth used) 3 most requested site (or bandwidth used) 4 etc... 5 etc...2nd top source ...
Fortimanager 5.6.2Fortigate FG-61E running 5.6.3 I import the FGT into FMG with no problems. install policy with no problem. Config status is "synchronized" and policy package status is a green check mark. All looks good. Via FMG, I edit the interfac...
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