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Hello, i want to have a simple guest wifi SSID using WPA2-PSK but with two different PSKs. One PSK changing every day and one which lasts a week or so. Is this possible by using the new Multi_PSK feature of WLM 8.5? And if, HOW? I tried to configure ...
I get many faults telling me: Certificate Expiry Notification NM NM Certificate-WebEMS 0 The Server Certificate : [style="background-color: #ffff00;"]WebEMS will expire on Dec 5 12:00:00 2020[/style] Just wonder why this is an error? It would last tw...
Hi, we had an issue on our Wifi last Friday where a station (smartphone) accesses iCloud and uploads data with full bandwidth over an hour. This blocked some internal services others should have used in the same time.I can see the high traffic (appro...
Hy guys!I'm looking for a way to change the PSK of a wireless service, deployed from our FortiWLM 8.4 solution. I'm using this to generate a random password every day for our guest Wifi.I can do this on the WLC (controller) but only if the complete w...