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Description This article describes how to configure RSPAN on Standalone FortiSwitch to capture packets specific to Ports. Solution In this example, Devices are connected to FortiSwitch-1 and the capture collector is connected to FortiSwitch-2. FortiS...
Description This article describes how to fix an issue where a standalone FortiSwitch shows up on FortiGate as a managed FortiSwitch. Scope FortiSwitch, FortiGate. Solution If there are two standalone FortiSwitches which appearing as managed FortiSwi...
Description This article is a FortiSwitch Troubleshooting Guide. 3 main points will be presented: Unable to authorize FortiSwitch. FortiSwitch is not online on FortiGate. Second FortiSwitch is not coming online or flapping. Scope FortiSwitch. Solutio...
Description This article describes how to setup Tier-1 MCLAG-ICL and how to troubleshoot it in managed FortiSwitches after version 7.X.X. Scope FortiSwtich, Setup steps from MCLAG-ICL configs and Troubleshooting. Solution Configure FortiLink on Forti...
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