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Hi guys, It seems that since the version 5.0.2 the command diagnose sys ha dump 1 does not exist anymore. The documentation is not update. Do you know how to check the age difference / uptime between the master and the slave? Thanks
Hello, I have read the documentation " What' s New (5.0.2)" and I have found the section " New Traffic Volume Dashboard Widget" . However, I don' t find this widget. I used to have it in version 5.0.1 but since the upgrade in version 5.0.2 I don' t f...
Hello, Is it possible to disable the HTTPS inspection (and not disable it globally) for a specific user or a specific categorie or something like that? Kind regards
Hello, I have a Fortigate 60C in version 5.0.1. I have activated logs on the latest rules but I don' t find any logs from Internet. I have also tried to create a rule just before the latest (any any any deny with log) but I still don' t see any logs....
Hello, Could you tell me the benefits to use the central NAT table? I have read the documentation but I don' t see when I have to use it. Regards