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I want to use this feature.. who dit it work? edit " wan2" set vdom " root" set pptp-client enable set pptp-user " myuser" set pptp-password mypasss set pptp-server-ip set pptp-timeout 200 next
I have a and ipsec vpn with 2 fortigates. One fortigate has a tunnel gre with a router after the other fortigate. The tunnel gre is up but the fortigate that has the ipsec and the gre tunnel can not ping the peer tunnel ip of the other router. When i...
hey. It is posible to use the redirect url feature without the disclaimer ? I only need the redirect.
How i change the destination ip. Instead of source nat i want dst nat. Example every pc that try to reach i will change to internal ip going to the traffic will show source ip translated source ip tr...
Hi ! 1. Thanks to ssl vpn and the share power of windows. I have a netscreen that has private ip on its external interface. That interface is conected to your network and get ip thru dhcp. The internal ip has real public ip. I make a Vip to point fro...
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