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Hello, I need help, I have an IPsec VPN created and it is connected at both ends, the PING works perfectly between computers but I cannot transfer even 0.5Kbps between computers. i have a Fotigate 100F OS7
Hello, I am having problems and I need your urgent support. I have a VLAN Switch (ID 0) and a Software Switch (With several interfaces on each) VLAN Switch (ID 0): Switch: I have created the rules to allow traf...
Hello, We are applying WEB filtering policies with deep SSL inspection. but instead of getting the predefined message in fortigate we are having this error in all browsers: There is an application that prevents Chrome from connecting to this website ...
Hello, Is there a way to put scan network segments in fortigate?Example: I want to scan the segment and know of the 254 ips which are in use?
Hello, I just bought a Fortigate to migrate our entire Mikrotik network to Forigate and the following question arises:How can you have 4 Subnets on a single LAN port?Example:
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