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DescriptionThis article describes the allowed number of access-VLANs supported on the FortiSwitch-1xxE/148F series. ScopeFor Fortiswitch-1xxE and 148F series.SolutionThe description of access-vlans are available in the below link under page #79. http...
DescriptionWhen a rogue FortiAP event is generated, it shows 'age' and 'live' fields.This article describes the difference between both.SolutionThe description of various log fields for the logs generated on FortiGate are available in the below link....
DescriptionThis article describes if there is any restriction to use one guest user credential configured on FortiAP Cloud on multiple units. ScopeFor version 20.X.SolutionRefer page#61 on configuring guest user.
DescriptionThis article describes how to install a FortiAP patch on FortiWLC. ScopeVersion: 8.x.Solution1) Turn off auto ap upgrade from CLI.controller(15)# configure terminalcontroller(15)(config)auto-ap-upgrade disablecontroller(15)(config)exitcont...
DescriptionThis article addresses an issue where the customized captive portal page will randomly not load up on client devices.When the internal captive portal SSID is configured in bridge mode the customized page will not load up and either the def...