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DescriptionFortiDirector provides a Service Status page that will allow you to get up-to-date information regarding any current known events (both network outages and scheduled maintenance) which may affect your FortiDirector service.The page is loca...
DescriptionAt times customer network configurations may require modifying firewall rules to allow for FortiDirector Monitoring services to test resources within the customer's network. In order to accommodate this, FortiDirector publishes an up-to-da...
DescriptionHealth-checking is a notion that ties to Network Resources: for each Network Resource, a health-checking configuration can be applied. Once configured, our global health-checking platform will poll your Network Resource at regular interval...
DescriptionThe Flash Player crossdomain problemThe Adobe Flash Player contains a crossdomain security mechanism which impacts publishers using Flash players (such as JW Player) on Flash capable browsers and devices by denying the loading of the follo...
DescriptionEvery HTML5 browser supports the ability for players to seek to not-yet-downloaded portions of a video. This functionality, often referred to as pseudo-streaming, is great for any video longer than a few minutes.Unfortunately, this functio...