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DescriptionThe aim of this article is to provide a practical workaround when IPPool is overlapping with the VIP (Meaning, the IPPool configured has the same IP address as the define VIP) the VIP will be tied to the interface where the originated requ...
DescriptionDHCP server has the ability to include DHCP codes and options. Voice over IP devices, such as IP phones need to be able to retrieve their configuration name files from a Management VOICE server on the network and sometimes is required that...
DescriptionThis article describes the configuration steps to successfully transmit multicast streaming over an IPsec VPN between two FortiGates without multicast routing.The following high level diagram illustrates the scenario.SolutionSet up require...
DescriptionWhen WAN Link Load Balancing is enabled, the ECMP load balancing method is hidden from the GUI. The aim of this article is to explain how to activate the ECMP load balancing once it has been disabled due to the activation of the WAN Link L...
DescriptionThe article describes different WAN scenarios and how to implement them into the FortiGate in a simple scenario. This concept can be adopted even when deploying more than 2 internet lines or routing several lines to different Internet line...