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DescriptionWhen using FortiExplorer to access a FortiGate there are a certain number of limitations such as there being no logging, and that there can only be one CLI session on the FortiExplorer at anytime.When we use the CLI on FortiExplorer to acc...
DescriptionThis article explains a quick way to verify if a web page is cache-able using cURL. This can be done by examining the "Cache-Control header" and possible flags.The Cache-Control general-header field is used to specify directives that MUST ...
Description Event Logs Showing:date=2015-03-25 time=11:20:59 logid=0100020085 type=event subtype=system level=information vd="To_Internet" logdesc="session clash" status="clash" proto=41 msg="session clash" new_status="state=00030200 tuple-num=2 poli...
DescriptionHow to configure Route Based IPSec VPN on FortiGate and Sonicwall(SonicOS 5.8 and above)ScopeHow to Configure guideSolutionPlease refer to the attachment on the step by step guide on how to configure.