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DescriptionThe Mobile vendors provide login data for the PPP authentication. In some cases, PPP username contains special character.An example: labheis-ugks#bq-p@sgksWhen a user tries to enter the PPP credential on FortiGate under Network -> FortiExt...
DescriptionThis article describes how to configure a new administrator account on managed switch using custom-command.The FortiSwitch has a default 'admin' account. You can add an additional administrator accounts as per the requirement. Helpful Link...
DescriptionA CAPWAP session is initiated by the WTP (client) to the well-known UDP port of the AC (server). The CAPWAP control port and data port at the FortiGate is the well-known UDP port 5246 and 5247. There are two channels inside the CAPWAP tunn...
DescriptionThis Article describe the list of DHCP Option ‘Vendor Class Identifier’ which needs to be configured on DHCP server for FortiAPs to discover FortiWLC using L3 discovery method (DHCP). SolutionNote.1)Refer the configuration Guide - Chapter ...
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