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Description This article addresses an issue where website rates (that is Qualys SSL Labs) give lower rates (B) for websites behind FortiWeb.This may be caused by the Diffie-Helman(DH) configuration in FortiWeb. Scope FortiWeb v5.3.6 and higher. Solut...
DescriptionThis article describes how to enable script on a FortiManager.SolutionOnly the admin administrator can configure these system options, which apply to all administrators logging onto the FortiManager unit.To configure the administrative set...
DescriptionThe FortiManager debug log can be exported via FTP with the following command:# 5.2 diagnose system export umlog ftp crashlog-fmg.tgz # 5.0 diagnose system export umlog ftp crashlog-fmg.tgz # 4.0MR2 diag fmsystem export umlog ftp c...
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