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DescriptionIn some network environments implementing policy routes for SIP traffic is needed. A regular PBR would be configured as shown below:config router policy edit 0 set input-device "lan" set src "" set dst "
Description This article describes that VPNC is a renowned open-source VPN client designed to be compatible with Cisco's VPN Concentrator 3000 series. This compatibility is essential for individuals or organizations that have historically invested in...
Description This article explains how to configure DNS zone transfer over IPsec. Scope All FortiGates. Solution DNS Master configurationIn this example IPsec is in Interface-mode (virtual interface created) named "to_600C" while internal network is o...
DescriptionThe design in configuring SSL VPN changed in 5.2 from 5.0. Previously in 5.0 the policies for web-mode and tunnel-mode were separately defined.In 5.2 there is only one policy needed, which is from ssl.root to internal port.ScopeAll FortiGa...
DescriptionWith SSL VPN it is possible to provide access to external clients to different internal resources based on user login credentials. With IPsec this is not possible as user authentication is exchanged in phase1 and all users in the group def...