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DescriptionA FortiGate will communicate with all three ports on boot up, this is regardless of the port configuration on the FortiGate.For example on boot up where is the FortiGate:143.602806 port1 in ->
DescriptionFortiGate units support a floor acceleration of 0.1g/s, this meets the specifications of NEBS (Network Equipment-Building System) and is about Richter Magnitude 5-6 earthquake.Generally speaking: 0.001 g (0.01 m/s²) – perceptible by people...
Description This article provides an explanation of the entry 'action=ip-conn' that may be seen in the traffic logs. For example: Aug 23 03:52:14 date=2016-08-23 time=03:52:14 devname=external-fgt-01 devid=FGXXXXXXXX logid=0000000011 type...
PurposeThis article explains how to block access to external proxy such as Tinyproxy or Ultrasurf but without excluding FortiGate Explicit Proxy legitimate traffic. This applies where explicit proxy is configured on the FortiGate unit.Expectations, R...
DescriptionWith agent-based polling mode, there are two methods for getting logon information:.Security Event Log (WinSecLog): Polls the security events on the DC. It does not miss any logon events because events are not normally deleted from the log...
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