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DescriptionThis article provides a general guide on how to change the Captive Portal certificate when a custom certificate must be used to avoid security warnings on the browser.This procedure assumes the custom certificate has already been loaded on...
DescriptionThis article provides the solution when the error "Unable to establish the VPN connection. The VPN server may be unreachable. (-5)" is obtained in FortiClient trying to connect to the SSL VPN and it is stuck at 40% after upgrading to 5.4.x...
DescriptionThis article provides a general guide to block anonymity networks in order to comply with some regulatory compliance requirements.Sometimes customers need to block access to server and/or services from anonymity networks (like TOR network)...
DescriptionThis article provides a general best practice tip when having SMTP traffic entering your network and you have intermittences on the email service. Sometimes email service (SMTP) show intermittences like incoming connections not being estab...
DescriptionThis article describes how to find the compatible FortiAP list for any FortiGate from the CLI.SolutionConnect the FortiGate and use the following command via the CLI:#config wireless-controller wtp-profile edit new conf platform set type ?...