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Description This article only demonstrates how to include BGP path attributes in the BGP community list. It is not required to use BGP community list to perform AS-PATH prepend in BGP routing table. AS-Path prepend can be done without BGP community l...
DescriptionThis article describes how to configure the RADIUS NAS-Identifier for a FortiGate HA clusterSolutionA FortiGate HA cluster will send the "group-name" defined in the HA configuration as the RADIUS NAS-Identifierconfig system global set host...
Description This article describes how to generate warning logs for an expiring FortiGuard license. Scope FortiGate. Solution config alertemail setting set FDS-license-expiring-warning enable set FDS-license-expiring-days 30 end FortiGate will check ...
DescriptionExplicit web proxy with local authenticationSolution*Prerequisites:- FortiGate Inspection Mode is set to “Proxy”- Local user & user group is configured on the FortiGate for local authentication with Explicit Web ProxyEnable the Explicit Pr...
DescriptionThis article provides a solution to DNS resolution not working when DNS Server is configured to "Same as Interface IP".DNS resolution can be seen to fail.SolutionEnable the DNS Database Feature.Configure a DNS Server for the interface that...
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