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DescriptionThere are many cases where it is required to log email traffic containing attachments of greater than 10 MB. The default maximum size on FortiGate is 10 MB. This article provides a solution of logging email attachments of greater than 10 M...
DescriptionThis article details a FortiGate admin login configured against radius groups,where admin authentication against radius groups is successful from the command line but fails from the GUI.The authentication test from CLI is successful: Comma...
DescriptionThis article explains how to exempt the Microsoft OneDrive application through FortiGate when SSL deep inspection is enabled in policy.SolutionMicrosoft OneDrive application may experience a sync issue when SSL deep inspection is applied i...
DescriptionThis article deals with the internal server error when activating the FortiCloud account on FortiGate. This is mostly encountered due to the FortiGate either being unable to resolve the names or unable to reach the FortiGuard services.Scop...