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Hi, we´re switching from MS FTMG to FortiGate with Explicit Web Proxy and a "Web Proxy Forwarding Server". The MS FTMG sends all DNS-Request to the configured 'Upstream Proxy'. How can i configure this Option on a FortiGate? Opening a Website results...
Hi, i' ve tried to connect a Network Device (a Switch) with IP to our FortiGate 80C WAN2 with IP When I ping the Switch from the FortiGate, anything is allright and I get an answer in <1ms. The problem is the other dire...
Hi, we have an error with our ' slave' 110C. We have Bundle-licencenses for both units, but the slave-unit can`t reach the Fortiguard Servers to update its licence information. An ' execute update-now' brings ' Command fail. Return code -6' . An ' ex...
Hi, what is the best choice and what are the pro / cons? We don´t need more than 5 physical ports for different networks, so the argument with the costs per port for the ONE is not an argument for us. What we found until now: VM02: + Hardware tolera...
Hi, i have a cluster of 2 FG110C which worked fine as AA-Cluster until yesterday. Without any configuration changes or other updates, the ' slave' unit (the one with the lower priority) reports following every minute: " date=2011-04-10 time=15:09:02 ...