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On a 310b running MR3 patch 10, I must kill the ssl vpn process every week to release some memory as the process eat between 10 et 20 % of total memory. Is it normal ? Thx
Is there a way to be alerted when is user get quarantined ? Those events appears in " event log" (sub category nac-quarantined) and I cannot figure a way to received an alert via email.
Can someone explain me why expired or disabled LDAP accounts can still log in via an identity based policy ? I' m using fw authentication to validate user before internet access. Thx
Is it possible to limit the number of times a user can authenticate so when he' s logged on one pc and cannot log on another ? Currenctly using ntlm there' s no limit and a user can log and multiple pcs and i would like to limit to only one pc at a t...
I enabled DLP on some policy to trap all pdf that are leaving our network. PDF are well trapped but when I go in my FAZ under Archive- Web some PDF are chunked so acrobat is unable to read th file. Also column " scan status" is always saying " error"...