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DescriptionThere is currently no option to enable the classic webmail GUI from the server and to set it as the default. The default interface is the new interface.SolutionThe classic user interface can be selected once the user logs in by clicking on...
DescriptionImporting FortiGate configuration fails with the following message: "Failed to reload configuration. Duplicate"SolutionTo correct the issue run the following commands on the FortiManager to identify the device OID and detect the duplicates...
DescriptionThis article explains what to do if the FortiMail quarantine reports stop being delivered on schedule.Changing the time will reset the daemon and the reports should resume.SolutionRun this command at any time:#config antispam settings #get...
DescriptionWhen importing a signed certificate into the FortiAnalyzer, the certificate may automatically populate the friendly certificate name.In some cases the certificate name populated automatically may contain special characters. The certificate...
DescriptionAnalyzer and Collector mode can be used together to increase overall performance for Logging and Reporting. The FortiGate first sends logs to the Collector which then forwards the logs to the Analyzer.See "Operation Modes" in the FortiAnal...