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Hi all, I can´t block with web filter category because the fortiguard service has now categorized the url as Streaming Media category, bu this category don´t exist in my profile to block. Is It a new category? How to block now? The ...
Hi All, We are planning to migrate our DC´s to Windows 2008R2 in april 2010, the latest FSAE version available today are compatible? Any rummors about new release? Thanks,
Hi all, I have an local ticket open with my local Fortinet supplier about an error that appears some time ago, the error exemple is: Message meets Alert condition 2009-05-08 13:46:45 device_id=FG300A3907501835 log_id=0105035001 type=event subtype=ha ...
Hi all, My MSN Messenger clients stops to connect when I use the policy with protection profile. It was fine until yesterday, no changes was made. Any suggestion?
Hi, We cant upload or download files larger than 20MB when the policy uses profile. The antivirus section of the profile are not used. Any idea? Thanks,