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Hello,On my FGT I define a Web Profile on which I allow the WebFiltering Override for specific user Group. This work nice, but I don't found any logs that say me who click on the Process button.We use FGT in 5.2, 5.4, 5.6 and 6.0 release.DO you know ...
Hello,We use some FGT900 with 5.2.9 release, attached AP 221C, with two SSID, one bridged on the Fortigate and the other one in WPA2 Personal bridged on the AP and using customer internal DHCP Server. Everything work nice with Windows Laptop and Andr...
I have a configuration with two location, the first one on which I found a symmetric DSL line 4Mb. On this location we found the Voip main system. On the central location, the @ link are used for vpn to the remote location and @ browsing. On the remo...