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As the title says, is HTTP/2 supported with explicit proxy? (Running 5.2.6 on an 80C). I've been testing communication to a site that supports only HTTP/2 via Explicity Proxy and it fails.
Hi, So I have an existing flow: SRC: DST SRV TCP/11111 SNAT DNAT (Where is an IP pool & is a Virtual IP mapped to and a new flow has been proposed (to operate a different service alongside the ...
Hi, I have a fortigate 110C V4.0MR3 P14 which will show traffic exiting port1 or port3 as also exiting interface eth0. Interface eth0 does not appear on the interface configuration. diag hardware deviceinfo nic eth0 returns information on packets sen...
Does the major version need to match between a Fortigate & a Fortianalyzer? i.e. can a Fortigate running V5.0.5 log to a Fortianalyzer using 4.0MR3P7? Thanks
When clustering units, is it necessary to assign specific IP address to HA Hearbeat interfaces? Or is it enough to simply allow FGCP to assign addresses? Thanks!