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DescriptionThis article describes how to block only Google and Facebook chats, while allowing the rest of navigation and features such as email, video, browsing etc.Solution1) Enable SSL Inspection profile as Deep Inspection.2) Application Control, b...
DescriptionThis article explains a useful command to determine what IEEE 802.11 standard is being used between a connected workstation or mobile device and a FortiAP.The command output shows the standard being used, this is useful when troubleshootin...
Description Sometimes it is required to modify the MAC address of an interface. However, not all the MAC addresses are valid since there are specific rules specified by the IEEE.On occasions, the error message 'mac address should not be multicast' ma...
DescriptionFortiOS 4.x and 5.0.x allows the insertion of a ssl.root interface into a zone.After upgrading FortiOS to 5.2.x, or starting from FortiOS 5.2.0 and above, the ssl.root interface, automatically created when creating a SSL-VPN can not longer...
PurposeIt is well known that IPsec VPN dial-up is not shown on the FortiGate interface widget because of design and the VPN is not up all the time.There is a different way to monitor an IPsec VPN dial up as described here.ScopeUsing FortiCloud it is ...