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Hi all, Sorry if this is in the wrong location - I couldn't see a WAF forum. I have a website where the origin servers are located behind my FG60E and I am front-ending them with CloudFront. I want to restrict access so only traffic via CloudFront ca...
Hi all, I'm trying to get FGSP working on a pair of 6.0.3 VM firewalls (ESX) - both with a 60 day eval license (no the 14 day trial). My objective is for configuration synchronisation. I've started from factory fresh. The units are linked with a sync...
Hi, We have a shared firewall in our datacentre where 1 VDOM is servicing a number of customers, each customer having a VLAN interface. Is there a way I can create a user in FortiAnalyzer that is restricted to viewing only the logs passing through a ...