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Hello My fortigate appears to be listening on port 8009 on our internet connected interfaces. Not cool. How do I turn that garbage off? I can;t find it anywhere in the GUI or CLI guide and I must be missing something.
getting this HA error: Message meets Alert condition date=2011-05-20 time=01:13:34 devname=Colo_FW_HA_2 device_id=FG300Axxxxxxxxxx log_id=0105037903 type=event subtype=ha pri=information vd=" root" msg=" The sync status with the master" sync_type=ext...
I have a FortiAnalyzer 100C running V4 MR2 I would LOVE to be able to generate a report to see how much bandwidth is being used (hourly) over a reporting period (24 hours or " yesterday" ) When I log into my Fortigate firewall I have a " Traffic Hist...