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This is a link to the most recent draft of the Authentication module for the 5.2 update of the FCNSA Prep course. [link=][/link] Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
I' m posting links to the current version of the 5.2 delta course material. They are videos, but they are simply conversions of the PDF presentations into video format without audio. This allows you to step through the material and see what it contai...
DescriptionAll major credit card numbers have a defined set pattern, for example: American Express First two digits will be 34 or 37.Total length will be 15 digits. Visa First digit will be 4. Total length will be either 13 or 16 digits (depends on c...
PurposeSometimes spammers will send an email with a source email address of the domain being protected. Email From: someone@somedomain.orgEmail To: This is done in an attempt to bypass spam filtering, as people will sometimes w...
PurposeThis article describes a situation that can be encountered when using a protection profile on encrypted email traffic.In 4.0, on devices that support SSL Deep inspection, there are options for POP3S, IMAPS and SMTPS protocols. These protocols ...
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