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Hi,Can anyone please tell me what are attributes should be passed from IDP side to perform SSO for Fortiportal? Is there any detail documentation with example available for FortiPortal SSO
Can anyone please tell me what all configuration required at the fortiportal end to implement idp initiated SSO with detail documentation. RegardsAbhishek
Hi, I am trying to perform SSO for fortiPortal(SP) using Shibboleth IDP . I done configuration for fortiportal using docs" "but I was not able to download metadata file it was giving HTTP 500 [No SAM...
Hi,Can any one provide me with the ACS url for fortiportal for SSO and any proper detailed documentation for configuring SSO.
Hi, I am implementing SSO for fortiportal but it is redirecting me to session expire page when I tried SSO (IDP initiated). I used [link]https://[/link] /fpc/saml/SSO as a ACS url in metadata file. Can anyone please help me or provide me proper docum...