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i am not new to the Fortigate line of routers but have questions regarding IPS and how/when to implement it. if i am configuring a new fortigate router for a client that has a small office network /w domain server (IE: 10pc / 1DC) how should IPS be i...
i am having an issue that i am completely stumped on. i have a client running a FWF-40C w/FortiOS 5.2.7 and a FVC-70. i have gone through and made all port forwards as well as deleting SIP from the session helper...including restarts. i have changed ...
with SSL Inspection, i have been running into problems with applications and devices being blocked. i currently have deep-inspection applied to my policy and am playing around with overrides and custom categories. for the most part this is working bu...
which is the better firmware line to be using?