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DescriptionAs of FortiOS 5.6, the new feature HPE feature (Host Protection Engine) is available to protect the CPUs of the FortiGate under DDOS attack, and allow FortiOS to process packets to its maximum capacity. HPE runs in the NP6 ASIC, hence it i...
For FortiOS 5.4.0 the CLI Reference is a more accurate CLI Reference than what we have produced form older versions of FortiOS that will always be up to date for every FortiOS 5.4.x release.Because of the process used to create the CLI reference ther...
DescriptionThis article explains that some FortiGate models include bypass interfaces that provide fail open support. ScopeFortiGate models with bypass ports. SolutionSee the 6.x versions of the FortiOS/FortiGate Hardware Acceleration Guide for infor...
DescriptionThis article describes various ways that NAT firewalls assign unused ports to NAT sessions including the method that FortiOS uses. This article also briefly describes some examples of the limitations of the FortiOS approach.ScopeFortiOS, v...