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Hello,We recently upgraded our internet connection bandwidth from 100 to 300mbps. We noticed only a small increase in bandwidth when downloading things. When using speed testers we cant get higher than 130mbps. When we connect a laptop directly to th...
Hi, I'm trying to figure out how set split-tunneling-routing-negate works. The kb article is also not very helpful. My goal is to route all traffic into the tunnel, but exclude some IP addresses. Current config without excludes: split-tunneling : ena...
From time to time we get a response fro mthe API like:No permission for the resource /sys/login/user This happens randomly with the same user which could authenticate find a few minutes before this error occours. Could there be some login rate limit,...
Hi, We receive complaints from some users about disconnects from their HTML5 RDP session. Not all users but some. Do others experiance the same? Are there any troubleshooting methods to get to the root cause of this? Kind Regards,Bastiaan
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