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I have two problems going on that can't seem to get solved. One is the HA cluster breaks randomly where the two devices no longer talk but are sending messages to each other. No switch in between if you're wondering. Direct cable. I was told this is ...
If you don't create your SDWAN interfaces upfront you have to un-associate the interfaces with every policy to do so. This is a major PITA and wasn't an problem on Sonicwall. Time to step up the FG game here and make a wizard or utility or amend the ...
NETIO.SYS 0x50 stop error. Support wants a complete dump, this is not my laptop. My Vendors can't do work they are on Win 7 x64. I've tried 5.4.2 and that version is stable but doesn't work right. Anyone else having this problem ?
Hello Im new from the Dell/Sonicwall world interested in Fortigate. I deep diving right off the bat here and I want to know can I setup FGCP Full mesh active/active with FRUP ? I've been trying to search around and found a PDF where it states FRUP wo...
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