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Has anybody tried to use the Forticlient (FortiClient Endpoint Security) with a Cisco ASA Firewall? The idea behind it, is that I don' t need to install two IP-Sec Clients on the same Computer. Thanks for Info. kr Ralph
I just had in this week twice the same issue with two FGT60B. Bot have FortiOS 4.1 (one with P4 the other with P9). What happend: I just did a reboot from the FGT60B over the Menubutton in the GUI. The FGT60B looked like it works fine again (all leds...
hi folks I' ve got some problem to access certain websites with a Fortigate 110C - v4.0,build0303,101214 (MR2 Patch 3) The following Websites can' t get loaded by the first access. With one or two refreshes they show up. http://www.angst-pfister.com ...
Note: Windows 7 (x32/x64) with FortiClient (only VPN Feature) (and also older builds) seem to have a problem with Panda AV 2010. Does anybody else have had similar problems? kr Ralph
Fortigate GUI 4.0 and IE8 Just a little note, that the Fortigate GUI 4.0 is not yet fully supported for IE8. You can see it when you Login, that the login window is stretched. The workaround is to start the session in the " Compatibility View" from I...